The Book of Ruth: A Study Guide by Dr. Joseph Edwin Sunder

The Book of Ruth: A Study Guide

Dr. Joseph Edwin Sunder

The purpose of this study guide is to provide a study source for the book of Ruth. It allows the reader not only to have an in-depth study of the book of Ruth but also to understand the biblical truths that can be applied into the reader’s life. This book is tailored in a way that the reader will comprehend the truths found in this Old Testament book. Exposition of each verse is given so that the reader can apply these truths in their daily life to lead a closer life with God. This study tool is architected in a way to create interest for the reader. At the beginning of each chapter, the reader will find the verses from that chapter, followed by an explanation of each verse with cross references to other scriptures so that every verse will be made clear for the reader’s convenience. Every verse of the book of Ruth is rewritten with the verse numbers in this study guide. As a result, there is no need for the reader to go back and forth from this study tool to their Bible to verify the scriptures. Practical application points are given at the end of every chapter for a greater understanding and application. An empty space is provided for the reader to write self-reflection points and prayer points so that whatever the reader grasps can be written for the future. This book is mainly for personal devotion, self-reflection and application.