The Mad, Mad, Mad West by Manu Kant

The Mad, Mad, Mad West

(A Satire on Uncle Sam's War on Russia)

Author- Manu Kant

The Mad, Mad, Mad West is a book of satire based on the US/NATO led war against Russia being fought in Ukraine.
In this context it has also to be borne in mind that Russia's 'special military operation' in Ukraine is a defensive war in order to safeguard short-term & long-term integrity of Russian statehood against the US-led drive to encircle Russia by establishing a NATO nuclear base in Ukraine. Thus, it is a US- led war on Russia rather than Russia's war on the West or Ukraine.
The ultimate objective of the US-led coalition is to dismember Russia into small statelets controlled by the West in order to exploit their rich natural resources. In that devious scheme to topple Vladimir Putin occupies the main plank.
The satirical pieces included in the book are based on one theme - the hysterical & jocular response of the West to Vladimir Putin's defensive war in Ukraine.
That hysterical response includes not only severe economic sanctions against Russia but also jocular and over the top Western response which includes canceling Russian culture, language & eminent Russian cultural figures like Fyodor Dostoevsky, etc.
One is hard pressed to understand as to how anyone in sane mind can boycott the heavy weights which comprise all humanity.
Fyodor Dostoevsky, Lev Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, Igor Stravinsky, Konstantin Stanislavsky and other Russian greats are a common repository of all mankind - East or West & no boycott can ever erase their contribution to humanity in the minds of the people of the West. Or of the East.
The response of the West to Russia's 'special military operation' in Ukraine has been so illogical & crazy that an institute in the US banned Karl Marx from its curriculum without taking into account that Karl Marx was not Russian but German and the fact that Russia is not a communist country.

  • In LanguageEnglish
  • GenreSatire
  • Date Published 10th September 2022
  • ISBN978-93-91363-23-9
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