The Game Changer by Dr. Sandeep Chatrath

The Game Changer

Author- Dr. Sandeep Chatrath

Book gives valuable insight into best leadership practices, also gives practical guide into how to be a transformational leader and game changer of your industry. This book is based on meta-analysis of the best leadership practises and principles which are imbibed through practical learning for being a transformational leader and being a game changer to transform under performing organisations into the best world-class organisations, the insights in the book have been developed by decades of research and more than 3 decades of working in the best corporate organisations in the country and abroad. Today we are witnessing unprecedented times and the environment is getting more and more challenging and complex so the best approach to leadership and the best practices to be efficient and effective leader are covered in this book which will be of great value for any management student for any professional whether from hospital industry or retail sector or from hotel industry or aviation industry so the approach and the principles are having 360° application for all. The Leadership principles mentioned are applicable across the various paradigms of medium scale industries, large-scale industries as well as around small scale industries so it will benefit the frontline, mid-level as well as senior level management and the book has 360° appeal for all the personal whether you are a enterpreneur or a student of management or whether you are aspiring to be a world-class leader.