Learn Hindi: A Hinglish Handbook for Everyday Conversation

Learn Hindi

A Hinglish Handbook for Everyday Conversation

Author- Kriti Sinha

This book, Learn Hindi: A Hinglish Handbook for Everyday Conversation by Kriti Sinha, is based on the concept of providing ease to the non-hindi speakers by helping them know the basic phrases in the simplest and comfortably adaptable language, which is needed to understand the roots and culture of India and enjoy it to the most. The book has been composed after understanding the main difficulties of non-hindi speakers by having lots of conversations and teaching sessions with them. For a brief visit to India, this book can help in learning important expressions to survive through the days.


"As a Hindi Language teacher Kriti's techniques were phenomenal and allowed myself and my wife to quickly pick-up key phrases and sentences which enabled us to better acclimate in our daily lives within Mumbai. As we continued to learn more including reading and writing we further developed the skills needed to communicate more effectively as we travelled throughout India"

- Andy Fabian, Sr. Finance Director in Thermo Fisher Scientific.

"Kriti was my Hindi teacher when I came to India. She is a professional and very capable as a teacher. She designed her lessons around my needs and the words and phrases I was most likely to use. Although it was her business, she gives a warm, personal approach to her teaching."

- Scott Flemming, Technical Director of NBA Academy.

"Kriti's thoughtful, patient guidance has been invaluable. Her clear explanations and genuine care made learning Hindi a joy. I'm grateful for her impact on my language journey. Beyond language, she also helped me deepen my understanding of Indian culture, weaving cultural insights into our lessons. Her passion for teaching and unwavering support have inspired me to continue exploring the beauty of Hindi language and culture." Best Regards!

- Tracy Larson, Leadership Effectiveness HR COE Consultant, U.S.A

"I had a really good time having classes with Kriti.
I had an introduction to the Hindi language, with explanations that where very clear and precise and with lots and lots of incredible information I was not aware of. Learning Hindi has been one of my biggest personal goals thanks to her.
I'm looking forward to learn more with this book!"

- Davi Neimeister, Brazilian Student.
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"Kriti is an experienced and knowledgeable Hindi teacher who has a unique approach to teaching that is both effective and engaging. She takes a structured approach to teaching and expects her students to follow her lesson plans closely, but is willing to make adjustments if necessary.
Kriti's teaching style is focused on providing her students with a positive and supportive learning environment, and she has a talent for explaining complex topics in a way that is easy to understand. While she prefers to stick to her tried and tested approach, she is open to making modifications if it will benefit her students' learning experience, as long as it doesn't require a lot of additional work.
Overall, Kriti is a highly competent teacher who is dedicated to helping her students succeed in learning Hindi. Her professionalism and expertise make her an asset to anyone who wants to improve their language skills."

- Oktyabrina Murzagaliyeva, HR and Career Consultant, Kazakhstan.

"This book is an absolute must have for people who wants to learn more about Hindi. Definitelty a success for Kriti Ma'am as a Hindi Language teacher. Speaking of which, Miss Kriti has a pretty dynamic way of teaching, always trying to bring more fun ways to learn Hindi."

- Cauã Carvalho, Brazilian Student.