Bright Lights Big Buddha: A Graphic Novel by Anil CS Rao

Bright Lights Big Buddha

A Graphic Novel

Author- Anil CS Rao

Anand Rao, a twenty-something engineer employed by the City of New York recollects his past trauma and ordeals as a student at Pratt Institute - where he initially was an Industrial Design major in the Art & Design school. The scenes take place both in the protagonist's present in 1992 - his "daily grind" as a City employee - and flashbacks to 1985 when he recounts his story to his friend and work colleague Shirley Ghosht - after a night spent in a Manhattan nightclub while recuperating in her apartment in the wee hours of a Saturday morning.

  • In LanguageEnglish
  • GenreFiction Novel
  • Date Published 26th September 2023
  • ISBN978-81-964649-9-8
  • TypePrint Book
  • Dimentions5x8 Inches
  • BindingPerfect
  • Pages71
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