Bharathi Fiction Novel by Anil CS Rao

Bharathi: Her Theory of Everything

Author- Anil CS Rao

Look at the "Facts of Life" as explained by Bharathi's childhood friend Roopa, who had died due to the nuclear fallout shortly thereafter:
"It begins when a guy 'digs' a girl and lays on top of her. He somehow manages to get his 'seed' inside her and when lucky the combination of seed and the girl's egg conceive a new human..."
To Bharathi, this was utterly horrific.

If it were indeed the case – then she was "conceived" the same way she saw Aryaraj molest older inmates in the encampment. As a result of this mischievous Roopa's revelation, Bharathi fell into a depression for (she had counted) forty days and forty nights. In her dreams she recalled a very ancient story Roopa had shared to her a year prior: about a Noah who bought two of every living thing on his arc when The World had been flooded in God's anger at human being's conduct on Earth. What would God think of now with the semi-robotic people that now inhabited Aryraraj's World? And worse: who was this God? Aryaraj often professed that he was eligible for this status or title….

  • In LanguageEnglish
  • GenreFiction Novel
  • Date Published 26th September 2023
  • ISBN978-81-19934-02-7
  • TypePrint Book
  • Dimentions5x8 Inches
  • BindingPerfect
  • Pages115
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