The Desire by Vishal Ramadas Shelke

The Desire

Vishal R. Shelke

'A desire is a piece of love but it's beautiful than actually being in love'

Mahin Roy, an aspiring artist, had a desire, desire to make a flawless portrait of her with an aid of those obscure feelings he'd indulged in that murmuring rain.

Nandini Sikdar, an aspiring khattak dancer, had an ideology, ideology that if you feel someone as pure as you then thoughtlessly grasp in the person in your life.

WHILE their lives took them where, not their destinies, but their individual desires had pre devised.

  • In LanguageEnglish
  • Date Published 22nd December 2017
  • GenreFiction
  • ISBN978-93-86895-18-9
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