Illi and Granny


by Dr. Vimla Bhandari Translated by Sudha Jauhari

ILLI and GRANNY Keshu couldn't continue his studies after class five as he lost his parent. He was very lonely and had nobody to support him. Dayal Babu, who owned a big book-shop, took pity on orphaned Keshu hence employed him in his shop. He was surrounded by books on all subjects and decided to read all of them one by one. So, while going back home in the evening he picked up a book titled 'Illi and Granny'. While everyone was sleeping, he started reading it in the dim light that was kept switched on for the whole night.

There was a very small fly named Illi. Her mother's business was to supply germs. She had many trucks in which she loaded various types of germs and transported them to different places. There was a great demand for germs of diarrhoea and dysentery in the market with the change of season.

One day Illi's mother had gone on a business trip with a loaded truck when Illi got her maternal grandmother's telegram.

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  • In LanguageEnglish
  • Translated fromइल्ली और नानी (हिंदी)
  • Book PagesColour
  • GenreFiction
  • Date Published 19th March 2017
  • ISBN978-81-933482-2-2